Tiberius, Israel
Muhraqua Carmelite Monastery
Artwork Inside Monastery of Elijah
Murhqua, Israel
Views from Mt. Carmel, Haifa Israel
Mount Carmel, Haifa Israel
Waiting in line for the van.
Priests at Mount of Transfiguration
Ruins near Church of Transfiguration
Looking up at the Church of Transfiguration Mt. Tabor
Elijah Church of Transfiguration
Looking back at Church of Transfiguration
Scene from Mt. Tabor
Sea of Galilee
Grotto Church of the Annunciation
Interior Church of the Annunciation
Altar at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes
Sea of Galilee
Bronze Doors St. Peter's Primacy
View of the Interior of the Church of St. Peter Primacy
Columns Mount of Beatitudes Church
Interior of the Mount of Beatitudes Church
Kursi Byzantine Ruins and Location for Miracle of the Swines.
Entrance to St. John the Baptist Church, Ein Karem
Altar in St. John the Baptist Church
Icon Inside St. John the Baptist Church
Baptismal Font St. John the Baptist
Offerings at St. John the Baptist Church
Image inside St. John the Baptist Church
Church of the Visitation
Church of the Visitation Painting Ein Karem
Contemporary Bethlehem
Church of the Nativity
Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Church of the Nativity
Church of the Nativity
Church of the Nativity
Stain Glass Window St. Catherine's Bethlehem
Church of St. Catherine, Bethlehem
St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Bethlehem-.jpg
Baby in altar St. Catherine's Bethlehem
Shepherd's Field Church, Bethlehem
Fresco Shepherd's Field Church, Bethlehem
Web Rock of the Ascencion Chapel-.jpg
Footprint stone inside Chapel of the Ascension
Interior window Church of the Ascension
Pilgrims at the Mount of Olives
Taking shots at Church of Pater Nosa
Cave in Church of Pater Nosa
Ceiling in Church at Gethsamanee
Church of Agony in Gethsamanee
Mural inside the Church of Lazarus Bethany
Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany
Inside Tomb of Lazarus
The Dead Sea
Worshippers Church of the Holy Selpulchre
Old City of David
Archaeological Dig Site in the Old City of David
Views of the old city Jerusalem.
Flowers along the path of the old city
Grave Sites in the Old City
Old Cemetery in Jerusalem
Alleway in Old Jerusalem
The Modern World
Muslim Section in the Old Quarter
What's for Supper?
Day 340 Juxtaposition-.jpg
Jerusalem at night
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