"Earth Laughs in Flowers" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

February Serenity Project

 Some of us were fortunate enough to attend the ClickAway conference at Dana Point, California this month.  The best part for me about the event is the chance to see friends and make new ones.  It’s startling, to me, how deeply I care about my on-line friendships. We share so much in common with our art and then when we actually meet we discover we share so much in common in other areas.  I do very little shooting when I’m there because I’m too distracted.  I spend my time observing others’ excitement at being together in a place that feeds our passion.

One day I attended a class lecture given by Ryan Longnecker.  He said something that I’ve heard many times, but this time it sunk in.  He said shoot what you love and then shoot more of what you love.  We all know that, right?  The question is do we make that a practice?

I have taken food photography classes and flat lay workshop, but I pretty much stink at it.  The light never seems right nor does the composition.  It seems to me that it requires a lot of effort to place objects on a blank canvas in an artful way.  It doesn’t come naturally to me and feels forced.  I think they are great exercises, but I don’t feel joy.

“Where there is joy there is creation”  Hindu Scripture

I feel joy when I play with flowers or see a great landscape with voluminous clouds. The sun is shining it’s rays down at the world at sunrise or sunset and it screams for us to notice. So here are a few things that made me happy this month.

Dana Point, California

Dana Point, California

FinalCamelia Serenity 2 Version 2-Edit-1.jpg
Final Camelia 3 Serenity-.jpg
FinalSerenityCamellia 1  web copy--1.jpg

And just because I just got the Sol.


Nadeen Flynn, northern California Fine Art Photographer is the next up in the blog. Nadeen has a wonderful eye for detail. She’s an incredibly sweet person who really listens when you speak with her. I recently spent some time with Nadeen and am so glad to call her a friend.