I Have Been Selected to Be Part of a Photography Group.

May 4, 2018

Lensbaby has selected me along with a group of international woman to feature their Burnside Lens.  The project is called The Traveling Burnside Project and it involves woman from the states, Canada & Europe.  We'll be taking turns with the lens and our different format cameras.  Some of us shoot with Nikon, Canon or Sony.  I shoot with both Canon and Sony, but chose to use the Sony for this project.  I'll be posting images after I get the lens on May 21st.  I'll be at the beach which means I'll be featuring some sunsets, piers and all things beachy.  

There will be a learning curve with this lens, but I hope to catch on quickly and get some great shots.  Of course, I'll be doing the comparison thing with the other members of the group, but I have a suspicion that I won't be alone.

"They are able who think they are able." Virgil

I am ready, willing and able.