The Serenity Circle

19 November 2018

If there was a window into my brain, rather than seeing nerve endings humming along connecting with other nerve endings in a smooth and reliable path, one would see sparks and ignition.  The sparks would look like the sparklers kids ignite on the Fourth of July with light and energy radiating out.  I wish my brain worked more like a yoga master, but it’s frenetic and busy and haphazard at times.  Some people would call me spacey, others preoccupied, but I think I have a brain that is so overloaded with plans and ideas that they rub together causing a minor or sometimes major combustion.

I find serenity by creating moments of quite away from noise and interruptions.  It’s the sameness and a routine that allows me to be still. My peaceful time is in the morning in my bedroom with a cup of coffee, a pen and a book or two.  The chair is a soft aqua and cushy and I begin to write. I have a journal that prompts me with questions about my life.  The intention is to pass it along to my children.   The last entry was about winter snowstorms in New Jersey.  They may not really believe that I walked a mile home from school in a blinding snowstorm, but I did. 

Next up I read something that is inspirational or sparks my creativity. Julia Cameron has wonderful thought provoking, deeply contemplative ideas. Here’s her quote for today. “Help your brother’s boat across and lo! your own has reached the shore.” Hindu Proverb.

Reading is my way of escaping. I like most any genre except supernatural or romance novels. I just started Thoreau’s Walden Pond, which I found in one of my college textbooks. I highlighted this quote. “. . . for a man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

  This is what I imagine Mr. Thoreau saw when he looked out his cabin window.

This is what I imagine Mr. Thoreau saw when he looked out his cabin window.

We have a weekend getaway cabin that is also on a big pond. The colors in the fall reflect the sky and the changing leaves. I decided to photography just the water with it’s myriad colors.

On Lake Wylie Pond-.jpg

At night before I go sleep and my brain releases and realizes that the day has been full and good, it is time for some spiritual reading whether it is the Dalai Lama or my current read by C.S. Lewis.  His quote, “when you have reached your own room, be kind to those who have chosen different doors.” 

There is always something to learn from contemplation and the words of others. Reading, nature and photography soothe my restless mind.  The combination of sage advice, introspection and seeing through a lens allows me to let go of my anxious thoughts. 

My library is small compared to others. I don’t keep many books donating them to the library when I am done. Here are a few that are on my shelves along with some that are on the shelf of a man, who was far more learned than I, taken in Mr. George Vanderbilt’s library at The Biltmore House.


Book 1 image-.jpg
Book 2 image-.jpg
 Mr. Vanderbilt’s book in his library.

Mr. Vanderbilt’s book in his library.

My friend Wendy May has her own blog on serenity. Click on to read what she has to say.

I Have Been Selected to Be Part of a Photography Group.

May 4, 2018

Lensbaby has selected me along with a group of international woman to feature their Burnside Lens.  The project is called The Traveling Burnside Project and it involves woman from the states, Canada & Europe.  We'll be taking turns with the lens and our different format cameras.  Some of us shoot with Nikon, Canon or Sony.  I shoot with both Canon and Sony, but chose to use the Sony for this project.  I'll be posting images after I get the lens on May 21st.  I'll be at the beach which means I'll be featuring some sunsets, piers and all things beachy.  

There will be a learning curve with this lens, but I hope to catch on quickly and get some great shots.  Of course, I'll be doing the comparison thing with the other members of the group, but I have a suspicion that I won't be alone.

"They are able who think they are able." Virgil

I am ready, willing and able.